We strive to create a generative local food production system that is economically, socially and ecologically viable at creating resilient, life-supporting systems.


Our Family

Casitas Valley Farm is a family owned and held business that strives to build natural capital, soil, and local food stability. We have four generations that interact here together, along with a team of skilled "extended family" members. Using permaculture principles applied in business and on the farm to bring communities together around the source of their nutrition. 

OUR Philosophy

We are at a pivotal time in history where we must stop stealing from our grandchildren to feed ourselves and take responsibility for our lives and the resources we borrow from them.  The time is at hand for us to invest in a manner that gives life and generously supports the generations to come.

OUR Business

We've developed a social investment strategy that involves the creative and consciously integrated design principles found in Permaculture, multi-enterprise development with vested entrepreneurs as project managers, direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, and a unique investment return approach that has modest returns backed by the farm and the land.

What We've Achieved Since 2012

  • Begun a heritage breed Piggery that feeds off the local waste streams from Breweries, Juicery, and other Farms.
  • Incorporated interstitial planting and living mulch strategies in the Avocado Orchards to promote soil and tree health.
  • Opened our Roadside Honor Farm Stand to the community with fresh produce and hand crafted goods.
  • Implemented anti-erosion strategies to slow the movement of water and store it in the soil. 
  • Developing a bio-intensive Market Garden that services local restaurants. 
  • Installed solar panels to feed our irrigation system.
  • Created learning opportunities for young farmers and homesteaders