Update From Casitas Valley Creamery

we would like to extend our gratitude to you, our loyal patron. 

Over the last two years, we have operated the only licensed cheese making creamery within Santa Barbara or Ventura counties. Our family and associates have been providing hand-crafted artisan cheese to our community for restaurants, markets, private chefs, catered events, CSAs and directly to our consumers through our mobile cheese cart. Throughout this experience we have cultivated relationships and collaborated with a wide range of industry professionals and food enthusiasts that have all inspired us to continue doing what we're doing.

Through our learning journey, we have received and been guided by valuable feedback on our product - its quality, packaging, price, availability and overall appeal. We have worked hard to improve our product while staying true to our vision for a small-scale family operation. As a continuation of these efforts we will be remapping our operations, our systems of inventory, packaging, sales integration and product development. We have come to a point where we must take a step back in order to take a leap forward. 

As a result of this reorganization we have temporarily ceased operations for Casitas Valley Creamery until further notice.

We have also come to realize that one of our primary challenges has been the accessibility of a local, high quality milk source. To date we have been purchasing organic cow's milk from Clover Stornetta Farms, based out of Petaluma, CA, which is the closest grass-fed organic cow's milk dairy available to us. We have continued to search for a closer milk sourcing option that provides equally high standards of herd management, milk fat content, and the flexibility of quantity to meet the needs of our small scale creamery, but unfortunately a viable option has not presented itself.

We hope to change this dynamic. We believe cultivating a local dairy industry is important to both our operations and our local food economy and is something we will be actively pursuing in collaboration with others to bring to fruition as a medium to long term goal. 

But for now we graciously ask for your patience as we temporarily hit the “Pause Button" to gather our resources, solidify our partnerships and initiate new strategic relationships. At Casitas Valley Farm & Creamery we are committed to developing enterprises that will last generations and we want to make sure we are proceeding in a way that maximizes the flow of energy and resources and ensures the long term sustainability of our efforts. 

We appreciate your understanding and support and we look forward to continuing the collaborative, community-based process of creating a sustainable, viable and thriving local foodshed.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email or give us a call at our offices should you have any questions or comments. Make sure to join our mailing list so that you can be updated on current events around the creamery, and the farm. 

We sincerely appreciate your business and support and look forward to resuming operations and serving you again in the near future.

With many thanks and kind regards,
Casitas Valley Farm & Creamery